Meeting 4 - January 10 2022

Being the first meet of the year, and due to the continuing restrictions due to COVID, we weren't sure how many members would attend, but we needn't have worried, as this proved to be our busiest meeting at date and happily we had a few more junior drivers.

Meeting 3, December 12th 2021

So here we are back again for another meeting and yes this is only meeting no 3 and it seems like a long time since we started but that was not helped by not being able to have a meet in November.  It must be the or one of the best regular RC truck meets in the uk.  Now some of that is down to us in getting it organised but it would be nothing if you all did not come along and enjoy it and come back again.

Meeting 2, October 17th 2021

When you start a new venture its always a bit of a concern that the initial enthusiasm is just a 'flash in the pan', but safe to say we were all a bit overcome by all the support and the extremely positive comments from our first meet. However,  we still arrived at the hall for our second meet with some trepidation.

Inaugural Meeting

Dream to Reality

It's late July and there's a seed of an idea.........

A manic flurry of activity, meetings, and gathering thoughts day and night, but most importantly looking for a venue to meet the clubs needs, as it all revolved around the venue. 

The Committee was formed and all our roles agreed, then hours and hours of work, bringing it all together.

It wasn't just the layout, the list of other stuff to do was endless and still growing, as we all went about our individual designated tasks, and finally bringing it altogether as a team.