Being the first meet of the year, and due to the continuing restrictions due to COVID, we weren't sure how many members would attend, but we needn't have worried, as this proved to be our busiest meeting at date and happily we had a few more junior drivers.

COVID restrictions meant that we had to continue on from last month with no tables in the kitchen and with serving teas and coffees. At one point we ran out of cups so please do bring them back! With two of the team missing Jenny and Nicola were a bit up against it so a big thanks to them.


A couple of little notes though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE:-

  • take your rubbish home, the hall is run by a charity and they have to pay quite heavily to have the rubbish removed.
  • do not smoke on the premises or in the grounds and do not litter outside with cigarette butts, its against the Haywood Academy policies and our Hire Agreement terms, and we risk losing the venue if we breach them

On another tack, thank you all for being considerate and wearing masks, I know its a pain but you know it makes sense, and we honestly do not want to get shut down because we breach the law.

Rant over!

On to the meeting. Our 4th meeting as it says above, and we would like to welcome all the old friends and members and the new people that came today and hopefully began new friendships. To those that couldnt make it, we hope to see you soon.

So our 4th meeting and or 4th different layout, this is Jacks territory and we must thank him for the creativity but also would like to get your feedback. What did you like and what can we address to imrove it (if anything)? The meetings are really important to me personally as now I am retired and because of COVID I dont get the personal interactions that I have been used to so thanks for coming and making my day! Some new trucks to look at and a new feature that was well used, yes the weigh bridge! (I suddenly realised why I was being asked to load trucks, note to self bring more rubber).

on to the pics.

This month we also started with a new idea of picking a truck at random and featuring it in an article, to make it as random as possible we issued every driver with a raffle ticket and just after lunch got someone to pick the winner. The winner was then able to choose a truck to feature.

This is aimed at giving people an insight into what it takes to build a truck, basic aor scratch built, they all have their challenges and they are all built differently.  This month Lee Lavender won and we willl shortly feature his truck in an article.

When we started this project we put in a lot of  work to hopefully ensure that it survives. Apart from all the paperwork we had to source and build the layout and of course that came at a considerable cost. We had hoped to break even by June but that is not to be as we can today say that in another bit of good news, as of this meeting we broke even. We still have things we want to do but this will allow us to do them that bit faster So thank you once again.

Finally we thank you all for coming and making the meetings what they are.