So here we are back again for another meeting and yes this is only meeting no 3 and it seems like a long time since we started but that was not helped by not being able to have a meet in November.  It must be the or one of the best regular RC truck meets in the uk.  Now some of that is down to us in getting it organised but it would be nothing if you all did not come along and enjoy it and come back again.

We have to say that we are still learning and the bumbling Boris curved balls have not helped, but I guess that is a sign of the times. So we are sorry that we had to re-arrange the kitchen at short notice but we have learned a few things there as well. Part of what we do is to sit down, as organisers, and run through how the day went both from an organisational aspect, financials, blah blah, but most importantly feedback. Yes we listen and yes we act on what we can so keep talking! On which subject the feedback seems to be that we have a good relaxed atmosphere that encourages people to chat. As organisers we are always available for that and hope you are too. If you dont know what to do come and ask one of us and we will at the very least be able to point you at someone who can help.


A few changes made and bits added this month and people are beginning to bring their own yards/dioramas etc. and that we welcome and enjoy looking at and talking about. So this month two bridges, do you find them challenging? Who ignored the no entry signs (there is always one). Who drove through the red lights at the road works, and who tripped the speed camera. If you did, check your post "LOL", It flashed but it also works, did you know scale 30mph is 2.1mph at our size, and yes it filmed you from the front so no escape.


Thats enough from me so on to the pics.

As always there are more pics on facebook!