When you start a new venture its always a bit of a concern that the initial enthusiasm is just a 'flash in the pan', but safe to say we were all a bit overcome by all the support and the extremely positive comments from our first meet. However,  we still arrived at the hall for our second meet with some trepidation.

At the first meet we were extremely busy and we ended the day with a large number of 'signed up' Annual members, that exceeded our initial expectations and came as a bit of a surprise! After every meeting we, the Committee, meet and have a short debrief meeting, while things are still fresh in our memory, things we need to tweak, members feedback, etc.

We are still learning about the best way to complete the layout build on time. This time we were in the building a bit earlier, and this really helped to allow us to open on time. There have been a few moments that have made us feel extremely  proud of our achievements like the guy that stopped dead in the doorway because he could not take it all in, and the person who commented that "this had to be the best layout in the country!" We must be doing something right!

We don't always get it right though and we have had a couple of misunderstandings which we have recognised, apologised and put things right. If we do get it wrong, please do talk to us, it may just be that under the time pressures or another reason, we have made a mistake or misunderstood something and got it wrong.

Anyway, back to the meeting. There were a few small changes to the layout this time did you notice them? We have taken a modular approach to the layout, which means we have the ability to change it around from time to time, and easily make additions. We have our real world problems with fuel supply as well, not such much supply but damage. The fuel station canopy suffered some damage in transit! There's some re-engineering going on in time for the December meet.

We know at least one person did not notice one of the changes in time. Here are a few reminders

... and here a a couple of the changes

We were really happy to welcome everyone once again, at another well attended meet. We are very aware that some people travel a long way to get here so thank you for making the effort. It's you coming to the meet that creates a brilliant atmosphere and a makes for a very enjoyable day, it all worthwhile and we thank you for doing so.

Oh and lastly Evidence of a crash

This time we gained further members and are now approaching our half century. Thank you to all who have become Annual Members.


The next date for your diary is December 12th. Feel free to come dressed for Christmas, but given the continual media warnings about shortages, coming as a turkey might not be a wise move, just saying!