Featured Truck June 2022

This months featured truck winner was Toby Cole, He put forward his dad's  (Ryan's) Truck. The truck is modelled on a real life truck owned by MLC transport and based in Cheltenham. Most of their fleet is blue but the T cab is a shade of grey. MLC provided the paint codes for the truck.

Featured Truck - May 2022

This months featured truck belongs to Matt Langley. Matt was one of the guys visiting us from the Swindon Club. Matt's truck is an out of the box Scania R620 but it will be a day cab, although at present it still has a highline roof.

Featured Truck - April 2022

This months winner was Allan Blight, his truck is an orange MAN 4x2 with a flatbed trailer. For ESC sound and light it uses a Tamiya MFU 3.

March 2022 featured truck

This a poignant time for me as I write this month’s article. This is about more than a truck

Nicola Wilkes - Globe Liner February 2022

A bit embarrasing this month! After running around looking for the owner of the "winning ticket" Stu eventually asked Nicola if she had one, and it turned out to be the winner. Embarrasing why? Well Nicola gave most of the tickets out, folded them shook the pot and got the draw done.