As much as we would like to be free of all COVID restrictions Boris's PLAN B is in force and we need to take the required precations to ensure a succesful and safe meeting.
These guidlines are that from Friday, 10th December, face coverings are now mandatory, unless you have an exemption, in a whole raft of venues, which includes community spaces like the Academy Hall.
We are therefore we are updating the Covid safe points from our earlier information to the following:
  • Unless you are exempt or eating or drinking you are required to wear a face covering whilst inside the academy building. 
  • If you, or any of your household have any symptoms of Covid then please do not attend the meeting
  •  As much as we would love to see all our members on Sunday, if you or any of your family are more vulnerable to COVID, due to medical conditions, please stay safe at home.
  •  We request that you take a lateral flow test before you leave home and only attend if the result is negative.
  •  Please use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to the hall when you arrive, and at any of the hand sanitiser stations throughout the day
  •  It is now a Mandatory requirement, unless you have an exemption, to wear a face covering at all times when in the hall, except when eating. Masks will be available at the entrance.
  •  Please adhere to social distancing where practicable.
We have also made some changes to the kitchen/dining area until the current Covid situation is over.
  •  Hot drinks will be served instead of self service.
  •  There will be reduced seating in this area, so please only occupy the seating area whilst having your drinks/ eating food.
  • Additionally, we have agreed with the hall association to permit food and drink in the hall for this meet and this meet only. To reduce spillages/ dropping food, please try to eat when seated.
If you are still intending to attend on Sunday, please comment on the facebook post to acknowledge you have seen and read this updated information.
Thank you